FemiNINE - Shades that Personify Her

Femi NINE - Shades that personifies Her
Featuring Banupriya Ponnarasu

Date : 27th Oct 2018
Time : 8pm
Venue : Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box, BLK M
Tickets : $25

Synopsis :
The women of the past, present, and future have been defined as symbols of solidarity and the backbone of society. They play transient roles from being the nurturer, the giver, the sacrificer, the lover, and the list continues. This begs the question of, has society stopped to ponder on subtle shades of women rather than defining her into convenient moulds?

Through an explorative Bharatanatyam thematic solo performance - "femiNINE- Shades that Personifies Her” Singapore’s Banupriya Ponnarasu expounds on the emotional shades of women through four poignant themes; The Creator, The Brave, The Misunderstood, and The Gentle. Each theme delves deep into the shades that personify her as women rather than a patriarchal definition of the roles she plays in societies across all eras.

Should the bravery of a woman be questioned or celebrated?

Should a woman’s love be embraced or disrespected?

Should a woman’s choice be judged based on her defining roles?

Join Banupriya and seek the answers to these pertinent questions, exploring the nine shades of a woman.

About Banu Priya :

Banupriya represents the next generation of young Singaporeans who believe in the power of the arts and want to live their passion. She is a dance graduate of Apsaras Arts, and privileged to be taught and mentored by Singapore’s Indian dance icon Mrs Neila Sathyalingam, and now is a full-time professional company dancer at apsaras Arts Dance Company and faculty member at Apsaras Arts Dance Academy. In fulfilling her ambition to have a holistic career in the arts, Banupriya completed her Bachelor's Degree in Arts Management at the LaSalle-Goldsmith university. She has also undergone a dance teachers training course at Sahrdaya Foundation in Chennai, India, and currently pursuing her post-graduate training in dance under Mohanapriyan Thavarajah at Apsaras Arts. She has performed with the company for several years and toured for its international performances. “Angkor - An Untold Story”, “Anjasa - Unravel the wonders of Buddhist monuments”, “Sita’s Magical Forest” “Alapadma – The Lotus Unfolds”, “Agathi” - The plight of refugees and “Anjaneyam” - Hanuman’s Ramayana” are some of the company’s repertoire productions in which she has been casted as one of the core dancers. Banupriya is a dedicated dance teacher and devotes time to train young dancers in inducting them into the magical world of Indian dance.
Aug 21 - Oct 27, 2018
[ Tue ] - [ Sat ]
12:00 AM - 8:00 PM SGT
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General Admission SOLD OUT $25.00
Venue Address
90 Goodman Road Singapore
Darshana - Intimate Dance Series